Region’s new waste collector aims for ‘seamless’ transition to early October date


Box it. Bin it. Sort.

Niagara’s new slogan for its waste management program – along with some of the roughly 70 new trucks that one of its new collectors, Miller Waste Systems, will use – were rolled out in Niagara-on-the-Lake on Wednesday.

Two companies, Miller and GFL Environmental, will take over waste collection for the region starting October 19, the same day Niagara switches to bi-weekly garbage collection.

The new slogan will adorn the sides of the trucks, replacing the old one that for 10 years has asked residents to rethink your waste.

“We want the transition to be as seamless as possible” when Miller and GFL take over from former entrepreneur Emterra, said Miller CEO Blair McArthur.

“We want it to be as if the light switch is on and residents know they’ve put their trash in the trash, by mid-afternoon their trash is picked up, their recyclables picked up in a clean and professional manner. “

When the new contract goes into effect on October 19, GFL will take care of collections in Thorold, Grimsby, West Lincoln, Lincoln, Pelham and Wainfleet.

Miller will cover St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Welland, Fort Erie, Niagara-on-the-Lake and Port Colborne, stopping at approximately 112,000 addresses each week for pickups.

He will have between 100 and 125 employees in his office, garage and yard on Townline Road.

McArthur said his company has about 70 new collection trucks, all diesel, which cost between $ 225,000 and $ 300,000 apiece and require drivers to take 55 hours of training to operate.

“They have all the latest technology, they have all the latest technology, they have a regeneration system where the exhaust gases go through a system where the particles are burned before the exhaust gases go through. turn off… these are cutting edge elements.

The new slogan reflects the region’s desire to inspire residents to step up their recycling and composting efforts as the October 19 start date for the bi-weekly garbage-only collection approaches.

Recyclable materials and compost will always be collected once a week.

“The whole reason is to take the materials out of the garbage (streams) so you have a longer life” for the landfills that Niagara sends its garbage to, said St. Catharines Regional Councilor Tim Rigby, who chairs the region’s public works committee.

Right now, Niagara’s diversion rate is around 57%, he said, but the goal is to end up removing 65% of the waste before it goes to landfill.

Niagara Region President Jim Bradley on Wednesday called the goal “ambitious, but I think achievable.”

The new slogan, combined with a reduction in garbage collection dates, “is truly a call to action for residents and businesses to sort their recyclables,” said Catherine Habermebl, regional director of waste management services .

McArthur said his company worked with outgoing entrepreneur Emterra as he prepared to start the collections.



Last year Miller’s sister company, Escarpment Renewables, acquired an organics processing plant in Grimsby.

It is being renovated to become what Miller President Denis Goulet has called “a state-of-the-art facility producing high-quality electricity and natural fertilizers certified by the federal government for use. on local farmland.

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