Reckless thugs film themselves fleeing from police in high-speed car chase


A shocking video has emerged showing reckless yobs fleeing from police in a high-speed car chase. Suspected car thieves are tearing the streets of Liverpool, narrowly running out of other vehicles to escape the police in footage one of them filmed from inside the car.

The footage, which has been circulating widely on WhatsApp in recent days, appears to have been taken from inside a Vauxhall car, while one of the passengers can be heard throughout the driver’s instruction on the route to borrow.

It is not known exactly when the video was filmed.

The backseat passenger films the shocking incident as he gives a running commentary mocking the police car chasing him.

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As the police gain traction, the car makes a dangerous sharp right turn from the leftmost lane, crossing a red light on Copplehouse Lane, Fazakerley.

That’s when those inside the vehicle hatch a plan to ditch the car and have it run near Field Lane Park.

Reckless thugs film themselves fleeing from police in high-speed car chase

Throughout the video, passengers can be heard goading the police pursuing them.

One says, “Go on, go. ”

Another passenger boasts: “You smoked it. Listen to me brother, go through the park gates. You’re going to have the chopper with you. ”

Finally, as the men end the car chase and continue on foot, the front passengers add, “Park it where you can run quietly.”

ECHO understands that the police are aware of the footage.


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