Raptors-Celtics: Kyle Lowry takes a bullet in the groin, attributes “steel balls”


“Obviously, I have steel balls”

The defending Raptors champion narrowly avoided falling behind 0–3 in their series against the Celtics on Thursday night, and Kyle Lowry was a big reason.

Lowry led all scorers with 31 points and came into the clutch with an incredible assist to find OG Anunoby for the winner of the buzzer game.

Lowry played a ridiculous 46 minutes into the game. He sat for 91 seconds at the end of the first quarter and never folded up again, even after taking a hard blow to the groin. With five seconds left in the third, Celtics guard Brad Wanamaker went to the hoop for an attempted layup and Lowry stood up to meet him. Wanamaker’s knee hit Lowry’s square crotch and Lowry was clearly in pain. (However, it was Lowry who was convicted of the misconduct.)


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