Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra extends Mikko Franck’s mandate until 2027


(Credit: Christophe Abramowitz)

The Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra has announced that the mandate of musical director Mikko Franck has been extended until 2027.

Since taking office in 2015, Franck has conducted more than 150 concerts in Paris, as well as tours in Europe and Asia. In 2017, he conducted the orchestra’s 80th anniversary concert, in a program consisting of music by Ravel, Debussy and Stravinsky. In 2018, he was also appointed Ambassador of UNICEF France.

For their upcoming 2020-21 season, Frank plans to showcase the Russian repertoire and rare works from the 20e century comprising fragments of Debussy’s “Saint-Sébastien” and Mahler’s symphonic repertoire.

Before joining the Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra, Franck was artistic director of the National Orchestra of Belgium and general musical director of the Finnish National Opera. He also received a Grammy nomination for his first recording, which featured music by Jean Sibelius.


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