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Cedric Alexander is too talented to be underutilized any longer, and Monday on Raw, WWE finally showed signs of giving him a renewed and long-awaited boost by placing him in The Hurt Business.

This development has been going on for some time. The Hurt Business tried to recruit Alexander weeks ago, and he refused at every turn. But after realizing that being friends with Ricochet and Apollo Crews was doing him more harm than good, he decided to join his enemies rather than keep fighting them.

His interaction with Shelton Benjamin behind the scenes afterward seemed to send the message that his time with the faction would be short-lived, but it would be a lot smarter for him to stay in The Hurt Business long-term. He’s ready to get more wins, score more TV time, and hopefully hold more gold.

It should start with him and Benjamin becoming the next Raw Tag Team Champions.

Bobby Lashley already has the United States Championship within his grasp, so Benjamin and Alexander entering the tag team title arena would be beneficial for everyone. They have performed well as opponents in the past and would have even stronger chemistry as partners.

The Hurt Business is obviously booming on Raw, so having Alexander join in their success is a positive sign for his future. Four is also the perfect number of members for the team – anything more could be excessive.

Expect Alexander to make the most of this opportunity and reach new heights as a heel.

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