Queen Elizabeth blamed Princess Diana’s bulimia for failed marriage to Charles


Princess Diana was a force within the British Royal Family who kept members on their toes with her strong personality.

Because of this, many members of the royal family, including Queen Elizabeth II, gave her a pretty rough time by casting a negative light on her.

Ingrid Seward, Editor-in-Chief of Majesty Magazine, said in the Channel 5 documentary, Fergie Vs Diana: royal brides at war, that the Princess of Wales was largely misunderstood in the royal household.

“She was also unhappy in her marriage because she was convinced Charles was seeing Camilla. She became obsessed with Camilla. She was bulimic. The Queen always said she was like a nervous racehorse and said treat her with children’s gloves, ”Seward said.

“They later blamed Diana’s marriage failure on her bulimia, which wasn’t really the case at all. I think Diana was very misunderstood, ”she continued.

Another royal expert, Jenny Bond, agreed as she said: “She was not sure of herself and she was very emotional. The royal family is not used to people who broadcast. You don’t do that, you have a stiff rod. lip. ”

“If you want to cry, go to your room and do it there, but Diana wasn’t that kind of person. She showed her emotions, she couldn’t help it, ”Bond added.


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