Proud Boys Portland Rally: Fred Perry tells right-wing group to stop wearing his iconic t-shirts


Fred Perry told Proud Boys to stop wearing his iconic t-shirts ahead of a rally the right-wing group held in Portland, Oregon on Saturday.

“It is incredibly frustrating that this group has appropriated our… double-ended shirt and hijacked our laurel wreath for their own purposes,” the company said in a statement on its website.

« [We] does not support and [are] in no way affiliated with the Proud Boys, ”added the British heritage brand, distancing itself from the self-proclaimed“ western chauvinist ”group.

“To be completely clear, if you see any Proud Boys materials or products featuring our laurel wreath or items related to black / yellow / yellow, they have absolutely nothing to do with us, and we are working with our lawyers to prosecute any illegal use. of our brand. “

Some Proud Boys supporters didn’t seem daunted by Fred Perry’s post. “That moment when you make Fred Perry stop creating a design that they’ve had for decades. Maybe we’ll change our colors to be one of their bestsellers just to flex, ”one wrote on Twitter.

At least several thousand Proud Boys are expected at Saturday’s rally to support President Donald Tump and his’ law and order ‘re-election campaign, as tensions boil across the country over prosecutors’ decision not to indict Kentucky officers for the murder of Breonna Taylor in Louisville in March.

Proud Boys said the rally was a free speech event to support Trump and the police, restore law and order and condemn anti-fascists, “domestic terrorism” and “violent gangs of rioting criminals” in the streets.

Proud Boys adopted the iconic Fred Perry polo shirt, pictured above(Fred Perry)

Local and state officials strongly condemned the event and rushed to bolster the ranks of law enforcement as left-wing groups organized several rallies to oppose the Proud Boys message.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown said on Friday she was sending state troops to assist Portland Police and creating a unified command structure among the city’s law enforcement agencies, region and state – a tactic that essentially circumvents the ban on the use of tear gas as a mob. – control measure.

State Police said a “massive influx” of soldiers would be in Portland on Saturday morning.

“This is a critical moment. We have seen what happens when armed vigilantes take matters into their own hands. We saw it in Charlottesville, we saw it in Kenosha and unfortunately we saw it in Portland, ”she said, referring to the deaths in Virginia, Wisconsin and Oregon during clashes between those of the political right and left. spectrum.

“The Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer groups have come time and time again in search of a fight, and the results are always tragic. Let me be perfectly clear, we will not tolerate any type of violence this weekend, ”said Brown, a Democrat. Left, right or center, violence is never a path to meaningful change. “

In 2019, Fred Perry made the decision to stop selling his black / yellow / yellow double-tipped shirt in the United States and Canada “until we are satisfied with the end of his association with the Proud Boys.” .

“Fred was the son of a working-class socialist deputy who became world tennis champion at a time when tennis was an elitist sport. He started a business with a Jewish businessman from Eastern Europe. It’s a shame we even have to answer questions like this. No, we do not support the ideals or the group you are talking about. It goes against our beliefs and the people we work with, ”said John Flynn, Fred Perry President.


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