Prince Charles calls for ‘new Marshall-style plan’ on climate change


Britain’s Prince Charles on Monday called for a “new Marshall-type plan” to tackle global climate change in a video recorded for the launch of Climate Week in New York. “At this late stage, I see no other solution than to call for a Marshall-type plan for nature, people and the planet,” Charles said in the video remarks, according to Reuters, referring to the plan. American to help Europe after the world. Second war.

“We must now get on a war footing, approaching our action from the perspective of a military-style campaign,” Charles reportedly said.

The heir to the British throne has highlighted the urgency of taking action to tackle climate change in a separate video he shared on Twitter.

“Millions of young employees in countless businesses and corporations are in desperate need of action, not more words. It is their life that we play with, as well as the ultimate survival of all who attempt to share this sick Earth with us, ”Charles said. “So let’s move on to the urgent task of forming a global alliance to overcome the evil obstacles we face.”

Scientists and experts have long warned of the dangers of climate change and rising global temperatures. This year marked the hottest summer on record in the northern hemisphere, and on the west coast of the United States, wildfires have been raging, forcing evacuations as areas burn.


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