Postcard arrived in Michigan almost 100 years after it was mailed


Brittany Keech told CNN she didn’t think much about the map at first because she was busy with her kids and her daily hustle and bustle.

“I thought it was very strange that I got a postcard because nobody sends postcards these days,” Keech said. “I went ‘Ok this is different.’ ”

She later noticed that the card was postmarked October 29, 1920. It had her address in Belding, Michigan, but was written to someone by the name of Roy McQueen in faded cursive script.

“Dear cousins,I hope this finds you all well. We’re fine, but my mother’s knees are terrible. It’s very cold here. I just finished my history lesson and will be going to bed soon. My father shaves and my mother tells me your address. I’ll have to shut down for one night. Hope Grandma and Grandpa are well. Don’t forget to write to us – Roy is having his pants fixed. ”

It was signed by Flossie Burgess.

The card has a Halloween theme that features a black cat holding a broom, a bat, a goose and an owl, as well as a woman with a cane and a jack-o’-lantern in a witch hat.

There is a George Washington penny stamp on the back and the stained postmark says Jamestown, but the state appears to be covered by some sort of sticker.

Keech, 30, said she had no idea what delayed the card, which was sent decades before she was born.

A spokesperson for the Postal Service told CNN affiliate WXMI that “in most cases these incidents do not involve mail that was lost in our network and found later. What we typically see is that old letters and postcards – sometimes bought at flea markets, antique shops and even online are getting back into our system. The end result is what we do best – as long as there is an address and postage available, the card or letter is delivered. ”

Keech posted photos of the postcard to a Facebook group in hopes of locating relatives of McQueen or Burgess, or someone who may have known the families.

“I have two wonderful women who help me examine their genealogy,” she said.

Several people have posted old documents in the comments section that could help solve the mystery.

Keech wants to return the card to a family member and says they have a lead on a possible relative.


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