Poor Aston Martin V8 Vantage Assaulted by Dead Fish Repays Owner’s Sins


Call it a classic case of a car paying for its owner’s sins: A beautiful white Aston Martin V8 Vantage was attacked with dead fish and cornered after the owner parked it in an area explicitly not reserved for the public.

It all happened in Devon, England last week when locals finally took matters into their own hands over the white V8 Vantage which had been parked in the private spaces of Salcombe Fish Quay, Plymouth Live reports. Since these places are off-limits for public use and the owner has shown no intention of removing them anytime soon, the locals have done their own justice. He involved a couple of dead fish on the windshield (since it was an area for fishermen only, you see) and blocked the car with a barrel of chains. The latter would have weighed half a ton. Apparently, the owner planned to ignore the council’s two parking tickets and keep the car there for the long haul, the outlet notes. This, despite the notice that clearly indicated that the place was “Reserved for fishermen only.”

While that seemed like a childish way of letting someone know that they were breaking the law – and that they are assholes – while taking him on the car, it worked. The same post says that while the Aston Martin sat there for “A number of days,” even after the parking tickets were issued, it was pulled almost immediately after the onslaught of dead fish.

Along with seeing justice done, these creative dwellers can now also take pleasure in knowing that they made the latest 007 joke possible: this V8 Vantage must have belonged to James Pond himself, to think he could leave it on. the parking lot of a fisherman. It’s not the smartest pun, but it’s the perfect joke to round off the week. Always go out with a coup smile.

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