Police shut down Swansea wedding party in Swansea as guests ignore coronavirus rules to overwhelm the venue



Police have stopped a wedding reception after dozens of supporters crowded into a restaurant in Swansea.

The local authority asked the bar to close after large numbers of people attended the celebration.

Images from the night appear to show people who are not socially distanced and crowd into Adelina’s bar and kitchen, Mumbles Road, last Thursday.

Guests appeared to ignore social distancing at the wedding party

Officers were called to the scene and forced everyone who was there to mark the happy occasion to leave.

Swansea Council has now issued an immediate closure notice to owners for failing to protect customers, according to Wales Online.

The place now has a fortnight to implement new measures, including controlled use of toilets and social distancing of two meters.

A spokesperson for Adelina’s Bar and Kitchen said staff at The Sun had become “overwhelmed” by the situation.

Restaurant staff said they only took a reservation for 25 people for the wedding reception.

Restaurant staff claim they were overwhelmed at the event

Restaurant staff claim they were overwhelmed at the event

They claim not to be aware of reservations made in other parts of the restaurant for the same party.

They told The Sun: “We only had six staff for the night because things started to get a little out of hand, the staff were overwhelmed.

At this point the owner had been called, who was on his way to ask everyone to leave.

“Before the owner could arrive, the police had attended the scene.

“We would like to thank all the police officers who were present that night and the council officers who came to the scene the next day.

“We would also like to take this opportunity to apologize for what happened in our restaurant, as that was not our intention at all.

“We will put in place much stricter coronavirus prevention measures in the future. “

A South Wales Police spokesperson said: ‘South Wales Police responded to a report of a rally at Adelina’s Bar and Kitchen at around 7.10 pm Thursday.

“Upon arrival, officers found a large number of people present at a private function.

“The function was closed and all participants were ordered to leave.

“Further law enforcement action by the South Wales Police and Swansea Council is currently under consideration.

Planners of a wedding in Telford, Shropshire have been fined £ 10,000 for breaking covid-19 rules.

West Mercia Police reports say 120 people were celebrating at a party they closed at 5 p.m. on Friday.

While Greater Manchester Police ended a wedding with 70 guests on Friday night and also handed over £ 10,000 to organizers.

The guests initially got into a fight with the police over leaving the reception in Longsight, Manchester.

Swansea’s wedding comes days before Wales introduced tough new lockdowns.

These will come into effect Sunday at 6 p.m. in Cardiff and Swansea County.

While the city of Llanelli will face new restrictions from 6 p.m. Saturday.

Under the new rules, people will only be able to meet people they do not live with outside at the moment.

They will not be able to leave the area without a reasonable excuse. Swansea recorded 28 new cases of coronavirus on Friday.

Councilor David Hopkins, member of the delivery and operations cabinet and deputy head of the Swansea council, said: “We told the companies we would take strong action if they did not follow Welsh government rules. “

As county revelers spent one last night in the city before the government curfew.

Drinkers in Leeds, Newcastle and Manchester enjoyed one last pint before the government-imposed remedy.


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