Police launch spot checks for coronaviruses


Neighbors Said To Call Police For Isolation Cheaters

Coronavirus rulebreakers face crackdown from today. Neighbors are being encouraged by the government to report people with Covid who do not self-isolate to the police on the day it becomes an offense punishable by a fine of up to 10,000 pounds. Police will also carry out spot checks in areas with high infection rates and in high-risk groups. It comes as people grow tired of the lockdown measures and Boris Johnson’s suggestions that the virus is spreading because people don’t play by the rules. The new legal obligation to self-isolate has not, like other restrictions on coronaviruses, been voted on in Parliament. Political editor Gordon Rayner reports that the Prime Minister has been warned that he risks “some” defeat in Parliament this week if he refuses to ask MPs for more say.

About one in four Britons experience additional restrictions on their movement, and many are no longer able to socialize with friends or meet family members who do not live at home. But scientific editor Sarah Knapton explains that analysis shows local lockdowns aren’t working to suppress coronavirus cases – with just one city managing to break free of restrictions and cases continuing to rise for the most part. As the new 10 p.m. deadline resulted in chaotic scenes over the weekend, surveillance from Public Health England showed pubs and restaurants were responsible for less than 3% of infections the week before the announcement of the curfew.

Donald Trump “only paid $ 750 in income tax”

Donald Trump paid just $ 750 (£ 587) in federal income tax in his first year as president, according to his tax returns obtained by The New York Times. He reports that he has paid no income tax in 10 of the previous 15 years. Mr. Trump has fought hard to keep his tax affairs private and is the only modern president to refuse to release his statements, describing attempts to force him to open them as a “witch hunt.” The revelation comes two days before the first election debate, which the Washington correspondent Rozina Sabur said could be a pivotal moment.

Chilly French Open receives frosty reception

As the rescheduled French Open began, tennis became a winter sport. On the courts below, soaked and icy players tried to pretend it was just another day at the office. Others complained about the weather. Belarusian Victoria Azarenka, former world No. 1, refused to wait on court until conditions improved, saying: “I live in Florida, I’m used to hot weather.” Many players wore extra clothes, even Andy Murray wore tights because he was badly beaten.

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Kill the police | The man suspected of shooting Sergeant Matt Ratana at a police station has been named Louis de Zoysa, the oldest of five children from a middle-class family in south London. Born in Croydon, the 23-year-old former Catholic is said to be severely autistic. Yesterday, East Grinstead Rugby Club players held a minute’s silence in memory of Sgt Ratana, who was the club’s head coach.

Around the world: all-out war looms in Armenia

The Armenian Prime Minister called on citizens to “defend our sacred homeland” after heavy fighting with Azerbaijan brought the two countries to the brink of all-out war. Read our report by Abbie Cheeseman and see more pictures of the world in our daily gallery.


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