Philippine President slams Facebook after platform deletes accounts


Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte slammed Facebook on Tuesday after the social media platform said last week it had taken down two networks promoting government propaganda that mainly targeted the Philippines and countries in South Asia. -East. “Facebook, listen to me. We allow you to operate here in the hope that you can help us, ”President Rodrigo Duterte said in a late-night televised speech, according to Reuters. “Now, if the government cannot espouse or advocate something that is for the good of the people, then what is your purpose here in my country?”

Duterte used social media platforms like Facebook to help harness power and help his rise to his election victory in 2016.

Presidential spokesman Harry Roque said Duterte would not shut down the platform in the country, but said the president wanted to understand how he regulated content and questioned Facebook’s partnership with two local verifiers who, according to him, criticized the government of Duterte, according to the wire.

“We need new policies to level the playing field on Facebook,” Roque told Reuters.

Facebook deleted 155 Facebook accounts, 11 pages, nine groups and six Instagram accounts affiliated with a network located in China. The network used fake accounts to broadcast messages in support of Duterte.

The platform took down a second network from the Philippines and targeted users pushing pro-Duterte content there.

A Facebook spokesperson was not immediately available for comment in response to Duterte’s comments.


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