Peter Andre’s son, Junior, says: “I don’t belong to this family or to mom Katie”


Peter Andre’s son, Junior, has spoken about his place – and it’s not with his father or mother, Katie Price.The 15-year-old joked to his father “I’m not in this family” in a clip from the family’s reality TV show on YouTube.

The teenager was talking about his place in Life With The Andre when he made the announcement that left his father in awe.

Sitting barefoot in the garden of the house of Peter, 47, Junior told his father and his little sister Princess: “” The reason I don’t like to wear shoes is often because I love to feel nature under my feet. ”

Peter Andre was surprised by his son’s confession

He then made a stinky remark, saying he would be better off in a famous Rudyard Kipling tale.

He continued, “I don’t think I belong to this family. I’m Mowgli, from the Jungle Book. I belong to the jungle with the exotic snakes and bears. ”

In the clip that the Mysterious Girl singer shared on his Instagram, Peter captioned it: “Well done son! What’s the most random thing your kid has ever told you? ”

There were a lot of fans who wanted to share their hilarious experiences when their kids told a truth or two at home.

Junior Andre said he “does not belong to this family”

One of them wrote that their child asked, “Can guide dogs read?” How do they know they’re allowed in a store that only says guide dogs? ”

Another said their child asked them, ‘Do fish have ankles? ”

While a third was closer to the experience Peter had enjoyed, writing: “My son asked me when he was about 5 years old ‘when can I live with my real family’. ”

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