Pence and Harris Vie for Wisconsin as Trump steps out of the White House


While acknowledging that the use of force by law enforcement should be the subject of a “full investigation”, Mr Pence did not refer to the shooting of Jacob Blake by police, focusing instead on the violent aftermath of the shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, just as Mr. Trump did when he visited last week.

On his own trip there last week, Mr Biden met the Blake family, as Ms Harris did on Monday when she arrived in Milwaukee.

She also met with union workers as well as black business owners and pastors in the city, where Democratic participation plummeted four years ago and aided Mr. Trump’s victory.

“We have to get this done, I need your help in Milwaukee,” Ms. Harris told fans who lined up to greet her on the sidewalk, encouraging them to participate in the early voting.

Even before the events of Kenosha, the state’s evenly divided politics and Mr. Trump’s need to keep his 2016 map largely intact already put Wisconsin at the center of this year’s race.

After Hillary Clinton memorably failed to campaign here four years ago, Mr Biden last week picked Wisconsin as his first campaign stop in the Midwest following the Democratic convention, and he assured leaders party premises that he would return regularly.

Desperate to keep Wisconsin in their column, local Republicans this summer sought to put rapper Kanye West in the state ballot in hopes he could drain Mr Biden’s votes and allow the president to win more. easily with less than a majority, as Mr. Trump did four years ago. But they were slow to file documents for Mr West and are now in court to appeal the decision not to put him to a vote.


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