Paul Heyman gets new WWE SmackDown title



Paul Heyman appeared to give himself a brand new nickname on Friday’s episode of WWE SmackDown.

Former Brock Lesnar ‘Lawyer’ opened the show with new Universal Champion Roman Reigns and said he now wants to be called Reigns’ ‘Special Advice’. Michael Cole then hammered the Heyman promo by repeating the new name throughout the show.

It looks like Paul E has decided to quit his old role for now and keep “Advocate” in reserve for Brock (when or if Lesnar returns). The new title is a fresh start, and it made sense in the context of Paul’s promo anyway.

He claimed it was Roman who had “corrupted” him, and not the other way around. Next, Heyman said he was a sounding board for Reigns when WWE decided to phase him out during one of the most sensitive times in his life and career; it was a nice touch, which added more substance to the sudden bend in Roman’s heel.

What do you think of the new title proposed by Heyman? Did “Special Council” cut it off, or do you think it should have kept the old name “Advocate” instead?


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