Paris suspect targeted Charlie Hebdo, official says


The prime suspect in a double stab in Paris, told investigators he carried out the attack angrily caricatures of the prophet muhammad recently republished by satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, a judicial official said on Saturday. Two people were injured and seven people are in custody after Friday’s attack with a meat cleaver outside the newspaper’s former offices in eastern Paris, which counterterrorism authorities are investigate as Islamic extremist attack.Charlie Hebdo lost 12 employees in a al-Qaeda attack in 2015 by extremists of French origin who had criticized the caricatures of the prophets. The newspaper, which regularly pokes fun at religious figures of all kinds, decided to republish the cartoons the day before the trial into the 2015 bombings that opened earlier this month. The post drew threats from militant groups as well as criticism from Muslims in several countries.

When questioned by investigators, the prime suspect admitted leading the attack and said he was looking to target Charlie Hebdo because of the cartoons, according to an official close to the investigation who has not been allowed to be named publicly. , discussing an ongoing investigation.


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