Parents and kids go to stores to shop in age of COVID-19


OTTAWA – The annual back-to-school shopping ritual is a little different in 2020. While parents and children were out of stock for all the new clothes and supplies they will need for the school year, they were also purchasing supplies from COVID-19.

For many children, there is nothing more exciting this September than buying back-to-school supplies with their parents.

Christina Allen was with her daughter on Saturday.

“She’s entering first year, so everything is new. Like, get school supplies, a pencil case and all that. It’s exciting and of course when we were kids it was always exciting.

But, for some children, back to school means back to school and they are not at all excited.

“Not really, because I have to do math and homework,” said Caleb Burnett.

Most families who did their shopping on Saturdays received the usual items.

“I think we’ll buy pencils and markers, and maybe a pair of shoes,” Mireille Moquin said.

“We buy books; we buy a bottle of water. We have a lot of school lists, ”said another mom.

“We’re going to go in and buy a whole bunch of clothes, books, markers and pencils and everything,” a father said.

But not only were families buying supplies to help children learn, but they also needed a new item this year, to keep them safe: masks.

“Well, we’re definitely buying different supplies,” said Jessica Burnett, who is shopping with her daughter. “We just went to buy masks.”

Masks are mandatory in Ottawa schools for all students in grades 4 and up and highly recommended for younger students. In addition, schools are asking students not to share their school supplies with their friends this year, in order to reduce possible points of transmission of COVID-19.

The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, for example, said the most important things for returning students are:

“If a student brings supplies, they should be labeled and stored in a pencil case (or resealable plastic bag) for personal use,” the OCDSB said in a letter to parents on Friday. “Students will keep all supplies at their desks. If you choose to send supplies, keep them to a minimum and refuel throughout the year. ”

Distance learning is also new this year. A significant number of students will be learning from home in the fall, and they also need new equipment.

A boy was lucky enough to get a brand new laptop.

“The laptop he had before was not very efficient, so I decided to buy a new one,” his father said.

Some Ottawa students had their first classes on Thursday and Friday, while others will start to gradually return after Labor Day.


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