Ottawa Catholic School to close for 14 days due to COVID-19


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No further details on those who have tested positive will be released, she said.

Fellowes High School in Pembroke became the first school in the province to close due to the resurgence of the novel coronavirus.

As of Friday, a student and four staff members had tested positive. On Saturday evening, the Renfrew County and District Health Unit reported that a community member had also tested positive as a result of contact tracing.

Meanwhile, the number of people with COVID-19 at the French Catholic School Board in Ottawa continues to rise, with four more schools reporting cases. There are now 19 people associated with 14 schools who have tested positive, according to the council’s website.

This information is more up to date than the data on the provincial website reporting cases in schools, which is updated every weekday morning. Provincial data on Friday showed 13 people tested positive in 10 schools in the Center-Est Catholic School Board.

The new schools identified on Saturday on the council’s website as having cases of COVID-19 are Sainte-Bernadette, Terre-des-Jeunes, George-Étienne-Cartier and Au Coeur d’Ottawa elementary schools.

The French-speaking Catholic council, which began in-person classes for some students on September 3, was the first in Ottawa to report people associated with schools that tested positive for COVID-19.

Ottawa’s largest school board, the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, sent elementary students back to school last week, with the last group of students starting on September 18.

As of September 18, no cases have been reported to the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board.


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