One-third of Canadian women have considered quitting their jobs during pandemic: survey


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Holden said that is why the first priority must be to minimize potential epidemics through strict public health measures. He said the Business Council also believes childcare services should be part of the COVID-19 economic stimulus package.

“We need to make sure that we have access to affordable child care for women who want to work,” he said. “Whether at the federal or provincial level, to reduce the cost of daycare and increase the number of spaces must be at the top of our list.

Murray Sigler, acting CEO of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, said a survey confirming that one in three women had considered leaving the workforce due to COVID-19 came as no surprise.

“This confirms what we have been hearing anecdotally from many members for months. This is of great concern to us, as our economic recovery will depend on opportunities for all of our people, ”said Sigler.

Sigler said most companies recognize the damage that would result if they lost a significant portion of their employees. He said it’s up to employers to be proactive in making accommodations during this difficult time, such as continuing to give working parents the flexibility to work from home.

He said governments must also apply a gender perspective to their plans for economic recovery or all Albertans and Canadians will suffer.

“This is certainly the case in Calgary. There are so many problems our economy is facing right now. . . we have businesses that are struggling to survive, ”he said. “We cannot afford to disadvantage half of our workforce.”

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