Northeast cyclist completes grueling Tour de France challenge to raise awareness of gender inequality


A group of cycling activists pulled off a grueling challenge that saw them cover the distance and elevation of the Tour de France in just one week.The InternationElles, a group of amateur cyclists from around the world, meet every year to protest by riding the Tour de France one day before their male counterparts.

Lucy Ritchie, from Inverurie, participated in the challenge to raise awareness about women’s professional cycling and the inequalities that exist in sport.

The endurance test saw the 10 runners – spread across the UK, the Netherlands, the US and Australia – complete a four-day nonstop team relay of 3,484 for the first time. km on static bikes.

The five UK-based runners then took on the infamous “Everesting” challenge, which saw them climb 8,848 meters of Mount Everest in just 18 hours on September 4th.

The cumulative figures represent the total distance and altitude that the professional peloton will cover on 21 stages of this year’s Tour de France.

The ascent of Bwlch, a second category ascent of the Rhondda valley, represents 339m of vertical drop with an average slope of 5%. Each cyclist has climbed it 27 times.

Lucy, 45, who works as a Business Opportunities Manager at Shell, said: “I wasn’t really worried about the relay part, but it was actually quite difficult.

“We were doing two and a half hours a day on a turbo trainer at a pretty high intensity so my legs were tired.

“We were trying to cover the distance as quickly as possible because we wanted to rest as much as possible before Everesting.

“We started driving at 4 am and rode nonstop, apart from bathroom breaks and food breaks, until 10 pm.

“The first laps went very quickly, but getting to the halfway point was quite difficult and I didn’t feel it was going any faster.

Only 446 riders from all over the world have achieved this incredible feat of endurance and perseverance.

Lucy added: “The five of us finished half an hour apart, which is great.

“It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but an amazing experience.

“We are all now part of the ‘Everesting’ Hall of Fame, which is great because not many women have done it.

“We had champagne at the top of the mountain and I went to McDonald’s after that.”

The Internation They seek to galvanize the global cycling community to support their cause and have created the opportunity for everyone to join in and show their support by visiting


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