North Wales resort branded ‘giant septic tank’ in outrageous attack on Stoke-on-Trent residents


A seaside resort in North Wales has been called a ‘giant moat’ in an online survey of residents of Stoke-on-Trent. The StokeonTrentLive survey had frankly outrageous ratings of Rhyl – once a popular potters’ vacation destination.

The town of Denbighshire was once so popular that it earned the nickname of Stoke-on-Sea.

Just 70 miles away the town is the closest large resort town to Stoke-on-Trent and at some point they might even pick up a copy of their local newspaper from some newsstands.

And a 2006 survey found that 30% of people living in North Staffordshire preferred Wales to any other place in the world as a holiday destination.

But not now with 65% of respondents saying they will be spending two weeks vacation at Rhyl.

Port of Rhyl

Some of those interviewed made shameful slurs about Rhyl, prompting locals to hit back at the ‘snobs’ and they would have ‘Rhyl over Stoke-on-Trent any day’.

Here’s what some Stoke locals had to say about the North Wales town and what Rhyl fans had to say in defense of the town’s honor

Paul Williams had very chosen words on the matter.

He said, “Vacation in Rhyl? It’s like a giant swirling cesspool of droppings. Fortunately, they built the A55 to bypass it. “

Ash Williams also asked if families would be able to find enough things to do to make it through 14 days.

He said, “There are only so many bacterial burgers you can eat while watching the brown tide come in. ”

Meanwhile, April Durnin was not opposed to a staycation in the UK – but not against Rhyl.

She said, “I hate Rhyl, I never liked the place. I would rather go south to Torquay. It is a much nicer and warmer place. Blackpool is far superior to Rhyl in my eyes. “

The walk in Rhyl

Dave Basnett had many fun vacations at Rhyl as a child – but his opinion has since changed.

He said: “Lots of fond memories from this place. Then 11 years ago we decided that had changed a lot and started going to Llandudno instead. I never looked back.

“I understand Rhyl spent money on the redevelopment, but that’s just not what it used to be, although Llandudno and the surrounding area make up for it. “

Caroline Cox had a less than satisfactory trip at Rhyl.

She said, “There is nothing to do. Last time I was there we couldn’t even fill a day. Not even anywhere to buy ice cream. ”

And Kerry Mountford added, “I went the other week to get away from Stoke but there were more Stokies there then here. ”

However, other StokeonTrentLive readers were quick to tout the virtues of Rhyl’s vacation and accused his critics of being “snobs”.

Vicc Rushton said: “I love Rhyl. My childhood memories are impressive. I loved staying in a trailer. My kids also love to stay in a trailer. For children, it is an adventure. ”

Sandra Sundholme is a regular.

She said, “I go there every year and will be there next week. Love the place. Why be so critical?

“Kids love to be in a trailer. They have more freedom than staying in a hotel.

“There is nothing wrong with Rhyl and a lot of money has been spent on it in recent years.

Becks Croft added, “I’m not sure why everyone feels the need to go to Rhyl at two weeks. Rhyl or Mexico, does it really matter? Stuck arrogant people! ”

And Stephanie Colquitt said, “You have to be a snob to not like Rhyl. I stayed here for a week not long ago with my six year old and found plenty to do. “

Dragon Bridge – Rhyl Harbor Bridge

Graeme Rich, who runs the Rhyl Forum page on Facebook, said: “I love Rhyl, he’s been through his bad times like any other seaside town, but he’s being regenerated and a lot of money has been put into it. spent on developments in recent years.

“Just walk from the Foryd Bridge to the town along the prom to see how the place has improved.

“Some big names have recently invested in Rhyl like Marston’s, The Range, Premier Inn, Travelodge to name a few.

“They wouldn’t invest if they didn’t think Rhyl was on the rise.

“As for not being able to find things to do to fill a day, that’s ridiculous… not only do we have one of the best beaches in the area, but there’s the miniature train, SC2, theater, Marsh Tracks, the Bike Hub, recreation center, crown gardens with tennis, golf, etc.

“And as for not even having anywhere to buy ice cream, Sidolis has been in the city for over 100 years and continues to operate, not to mention the new Batch Ice Cream Shop.

“I prefer Rhyl Stoke any day of the week. “


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