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The country’s ambassador to the UN, Kim Song, called for “effective leadership” while promoting the alleged success of North Korea’s own response to the virus. Throughout the pandemic, North Korea has not publicly confirmed a single case of COVID-19.

However, activities have been carried out to control the suspected outbreaks. In July, the head of the north, Kim Jong-un, ordered that Kaesong town be locked after someone developed symptoms.The country later told the World Health Organization that test results were undetermined, according to The Telegraph.

Either way, Ambassador Kim said in a live statement to the United Nations General Assembly this week: “The anti-epidemic situation in our country is now under safe and stable control.

“A series of state measures are being taken to block the influx of viruses into the country, and everyone is strictly adhering to anti-epidemic regulations while maintaining the highest alert.”

He also warned that the North Korean authorities would “not tolerate even the slightest looseness or concession.”

This is not the first time that a North Korean official has praised the country’s response to the global epidemic.

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It declared a “national emergency”, banned foreign tourism and suspended trains and flights from Russia and China.

The North has also imposed stricter controls on goods entering the country.

The BBC reports that the North’s decision to restrict trade with China would likely have a serious economic impact – China accounts for almost all of North Korea’s foreign trade.

In addition, Kimberly Brown of the British Red Cross told the broadcaster that the capacity of the North to deal with a public health crisis “is extremely weak”.

She had visited the Secret State in 2019 and additional personal protective equipment and testing kits would be urgently needed.

It is widely reported that experts have cast doubt on claims that the North has no cases of the coronavirus.

W. Courtland Robinson, associate professor at the Center for Humanitarian Health at Johns Hopkins University, told ABC News in April: “Even with a rapid and effective response, given the proximity to China and the ease with which the virus is spreading, it seems more likely that North Korea has had at least a few cases. “

During North Korea’s address to the UN this week, Ambassador Kim acknowledged other issues facing North Korea.

Referring to possible economic sanctions, he said, according to Reuters: “It is a fact that we badly need an external environment conducive to economic construction.

“But we cannot sell our dignity in the hope of a brilliant transformation – the dignity we have stood for as precious as our own life. This is our steadfast position. “


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