NHL referees and linesmen for the 2020 Stanley Cup Conference Final


We’re down to the last four teams – and the sixteen officials.With the playoffs moving entirely to Edmonton, the officials below will meet. Those who were once in Toronto head west to join the rest of the crew in Alberta.

Here are your referees and NHL linesmen for the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoff Conference Finals.


Francis Charron, Gord Dwyer, Jean Hebert, Steve Kozari, Wes McCauley, Dan O’Rourke, Chris Rooney, Kelly Sutherland

Out of the second round: Eric Furlatt, Chris Lee, Brad Meier, François St. Laurent,

Line judges

Derek Amell, Steve Barton, Scott Cherrey, Greg Devorski, Brad Kovachik, Matt MacPherson, Kiel Murchison, Jonny Murray

Out of the 2nd round: Devin Berg, Michel Cormier, Pierre Racicot, Mark Shewchyk

Referee Jean Hebert is the only change of referee from 2019; all others compete in consecutive finals. On a related note, Barton and Kovachik are back in the conference finals after missing in 2019.

The officials on hold are referee François St. Laurent and linesman Devin Berg, both of whom will be on call to get into the bubble in case of injury.

Congratulations to the NHL referees and linesmen selected to compete in the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoff Conference Finals.


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