NFL’s Tyler Eifert dons helmet with name of black cop killed by looters – rt sport news




    L'ailier serré des Jaguars, Tyler Eifert, a affiché le nom du capitaine de police à la retraite David Dorn, abattu lors d'émeutes à Saint-Louis, à l'arrière de son casque, alors que son équipe battait les Colts lors de la première victoire de la saison.

«Belle victoire pour commencer la saison. J'adore faire partie de cette nouvelle équipe et communauté! C'était un honneur de porter le nom de David Dorns sur mon casque aujourd'hui! #DUUUVAL, " Eifert a tweeté après que les Jaguars aient remporté une victoire surprise contre les Colts d'Indianapolis, 27-20.

Before the start of the season, Eifert had spoken on several occasions of his intention to pay tribute to the murdered police veteran, who was killed on June 2 while trying to protect the pawnshop from a friend of the looters which wreaked havoc in the city as part of initially peaceful protests against police brutality. became violent.

A tribute to the officer was paid by US President Donald Trump, while Dorn’s widow and fellow police officer Ann Dorn addressed the Republican National Convention (RNC) last month, urging Americans to “Remember that every life is precious.”

As protests sparked by the police murder of unarmed black man George Floyd in late May swept the country, the NFL announced in June that it would allow players to put the names of “Victims of police brutality and heroes of social justice” like Floyd or Breonna Taylor on their decals.

The list of league-approved names also includes Dorn’s, though he arguably doesn’t fit into any of the designated categories.

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