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Hundreds of Extinction Rebellion protesters were arrested just three days after their two-week protest began. The group wreaked havoc across London, with one Twitter user sharing images of traffic jams caused by the group’s blockade of Lambeth Bridge.

In the video, an ambulance flashing its lights is seen in a stationary position as the reporter explains that the ambulance is “absolutely stuck, stationary.”
A follow-up tweet explains how the ambulance “had to completely turn around and get out of the way of the hospital.

“Extinction Rebellion continues to block the bridge with joy.”

An outraged Twitter user added, “If there has ever been a ’cause’ they seek to promote, they have actively shut down any potential support from decent citizens.

“Their behavior is fundamentally immature and destructive.

“A much stronger response should be given to suppress these idiots.”

Another user said, “I can see what’s going to happen eventually.

“If the police can’t do their job, the good guys in society will eventually come down and physically remove the vermin from the roads.”

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The protest on Lambeth Bridge in London is part of a national call to action.

A spokesperson for the South Wales Police said: ‘Officers are currently attending a protest in Central Square in Cardiff.

“A person was arrested on suspicion of having committed criminal damage.

“Officers strive to work with protest organizers and participants to remind them of their obligations under current coronavirus legislation and the overarching goal for everyone to take personal responsibility by following the regulations of the Welsh government to ensure the security of Wales.

“We are required to take into account all relevant laws, and the South Wales Police have endeavored to maintain a consistent policing style of engaging, explaining, encouraging and enforcing as a last resort when necessary, throughout throughout this public health emergency – an approach we intend to continue. “

Extinction Rebellion spokeswoman Tamsin Omand said protesters wanted Prime Minister Boris Johnson to see and hear what they were asking for.

She said: “The climate and ecological emergency must be the top priority – how we are going to transform society into a society adapted to the crises we are already going through and those that are looming.

“We are seeing a Parliament that has failed in every way – Boris Johnson was not even there for the first Cobras of the coronavirus pandemic, so if this is the attitude he is going to take in the face of the climate and ecological emergency , we are in a desperate straits situation.

“Disruption is a fundamental principle of how XR works and how we’ve managed to accomplish so much in a short period of time.

“We’ve been outside Downing Street, blocking his way on both sides and of course he meets us here in the square – I think we’re impossible to ignore.


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