New York records more than 1,000 COVID-19 cases daily


More than 1,000 New Yorkers have tested positive for COVID-19 in a single day, marking the first time since June 5 that the state has seen such a high daily count.

The number of positive tests reported daily in the state has been steadily increasing in recent weeks, a trend possibly linked to the increase in the number of businesses reopening, the reopening of college campuses and children returning. at school. Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Saturday that there were 1,005 positive cases the day before, Friday, out of 99,953 tests, for a rate of 1% positive.

From late July to early September, the state was seeing an average of around 660 people testing positive per day. In the seven-day period that ended on Friday, the state averaged 817 positive tests per day.

Cuomo’s assistant Gareth Rhodes pointed out on Saturday that the new number of positive cases came from nearly 100,000 tests, up from around 60,000 daily tests in June.

“Is there any cause for concern? As long as COVID is there, yes, ”Rhodes posted on Twitter, noting that some zip codes in Brooklyn and the Lower Hudson Valley have seen an increase in new cases and hospital admissions. “The key is to make sure that these clusters don’t spread to neighboring / other ZIPs. ”

Rhodes also noted an improvement in the number of college-aged people, suggesting better campus compliance.

That number of positive daily tests in a state of over 19 million people still puts New York in a much better position than many other states. Florida, for example, has reported 2,795 new confirmed cases of COVID-19.

And New York is in a much better position than in April, when the number of positive tests per day consistently exceeded 9,000, even though tests were hard to come by then and people were encouraged not to look for less. ‘be seriously ill.

Still, the rise has been a cause for concern. In New York City, health officials have sounded the alarm over a growing number of cases in parts of Brooklyn and Queens, where many private religious schools opened for in-person teaching in early September, warning that these communities could see severe restrictions on restored public gatherings. if current trends continue.

Public elementary, middle and high school students in New York City are expected to resume in-person teaching next week on September 29 and October 1.



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