New name of Colston Hall to be announced


Colston Hall will have a new name on Wednesday morning, Bristol Live can reveal.Bristol’s largest concert hall is to announce the new name at an event with speeches and a video presentation – but no audience due to the coronavirus – early on Wednesday morning.

The new name will reflect the concert hall’s position as a place to “celebrate the unity and joy of live music”.

Louise Mitchell, the Managing Director of the Bristol Music Trust, which operates Colston Hall, is due to deliver a speech, before an address inside the hall by the Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees.

The announcement of the name itself will come in the form of a video presentation – through a poem written by city poet Vanessa Kisuule, on her last day in the role.

Colston Hall is Bristol’s largest concert hall, and since 2018 it has been closed for a £ 50million renovation program.

The reopening was delayed due to issues with the structure of the Victorian building, and the team running the site have said they want to reopen with a new name.

Following pressure from a campaign group called Countering Colston in 2016 and 2017 sparked a citywide debate over the name, the Bristol Music Trust announced it would drop the Colston Hall name when the venue reopens .

It was originally scheduled for this May, but the coronavirus and delays in the renovation project have put it off until tomorrow.

Ironically, just weeks after Colston Hall’s new name was announced in May, the statue of Edward Colston himself was shot down a few yards away in the center, in a move that proved to be a catalyst for other named buildings and institutions. after the 18th century slave trader.

At the time, in June, the lettering on the front of Colston Hall had been removed, and now a full name change will take place this week, with the new name being applied to the venue’s social media channels and website, as well. than all events that are. be able to take place in the future.

Speaking ahead of the announcement of the new name, Executive Director Louise Mitchell confirmed to Bristol live that the name will not be a company, bearing the company name of a sponsor.

“We want it to be something inclusive. We have partner companies that have contributed tremendously to our work and to the renovation, but having a corporate name didn’t feel right to us, so we stepped away from that possibility, ”she added.

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