New Kia Pickup Render Looks Like GMC Sierra’s South Korean Cousin


Kia is not synonymous with pickup trucks. Even in South Korea, the automaker has nothing that can compete with the mid-size Ford Ranger or the full-size Ram 1500. But soon there will be a body truck on chassis with a tiger -nose grille that will be sold in Australia and a few other parts of the world.

Set to launch in 2022 or 2023 at the latest, the workhorse that has yet to be named will be a badge version of a Hyundai pickup. The COO of Kia Australia said in July 2019 that work is already underway and body styles range from a single cab to a slightly more spacious double cab. Imagined by Kleber Silva with the face and taillights of the Telluride and the bodywork of the half-ton GMC Sierra, one can’t help but wonder how much Kia will copy American brands. After all, they are the most proficient at designing pickup trucks, and they also sell the most trucks with a long margin.

However, don’t brace yourself for availability in the United States, as neither Kia nor Hyundai want to lose to Ford Motor Company, General Motors and Ram. This brings us to Australia, which is the land of the midsize pickup truck, and mystery truck capacity. The gold standard for towing in this segment is 3,500 kilograms (or 7,716 pounds) while the payload is expected to exceed 1,000 kilograms (2,205 pounds), numbers that should give the Toyota Hilux a run for its money.

Speaking of which, Kia is poised to offer a more affordable alternative to the Hilux and the Ford Ranger, the two most popular mid-size models from the Land Down Under. The Toyota starts at $ 22,325 in Australia for the rear-wheel-drive Workmate trim level while the Blue Oval charges 28,340 for the XL Low Rider with the 2.2-liter turbo diesel and a six-speed automatic.

Kia and its big brother Hyundai are likely to cut their teeth in vans in Australia before trying the US market for the second generation of these trucks, but only time will tell if South Korean companies will come up with a business case for the sale of trucks in Australia. North America. After all, this is the hardest market to break because the Detroit Big Three have so much more experience in this segment.

On a related note, have you heard that Hyundai is preparing to roll out the Santa Cruz? «Cross truck» next year in the United States of all places? The unibody pickup will be made in Alabama and there’s a good chance the newcomer will go on sale as a 2022 model if all goes according to plan.

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