New Covid rules will transform public spaces into airport security, says former minister


FUS Prime Minister Gordon Brown has said the country needs a stimulus package.He told ITV’s Good Morning Britain: “We have to avoid a cliff on October 31st. Health successes have been too rare for us to say the lockdown is completely over for everyone.

“And therefore we need new measures, and I don’t think the government’s plan is up to the task, and what I’m saying is three things.

“One is to extend part-time leave in particular sectors, perhaps linked to certain training programs.

“Second, we have to help young people. We face the worst job market for young people in 50 years.

“And third, we need to help businesses recover. They have to invest and they cannot invest if they have to pay back some of the loans that have been billed to them in the last few months.

“We have to do all of these things, and we have to do it urgently to avoid what is going to happen in October. ”

He added that if unemployment reaches three million, the country faces “long-term damage, loss of skills, loss of capacity”.

He said, “We cannot afford not to spend now to save later. “


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