New COVID-19 case announced; a young male had recently arrived in Prince Edward Island


A new case of COVID-19 has been detected in Prince Edward Island, bringing the number of active cases to three and the total number of cases since the start of the pandemic to 47.The latest case was announced Friday afternoon, involving a man in his late teens who had been abroad before arriving on the island on Saturday August 29.

He immediately went into solitary confinement before being tested on September 4, the Chief Public Health Bureau said in a statement.

“He continues to do well with mild symptoms, remains isolated and is monitored daily by public health nurses,” the statement said, adding that contact tracing is ongoing.

It is not known whether the latter case involves a Canadian returning to the country from abroad or a non-citizen entering for an authorized reason.

These reasons include accepting to attend a Canadian institution as an iinternational student and a confirmed job offer in an industry deemed essential such as health, food service and transportation.

The Prince Edward Island press release released Friday, however, fails to describe the latest patient as an essential worker.

So far, Dr. Heather Morrison’s office has always made it clear when new patients are essential workers, but generally without indicating which industry employs them other than to say whether or not it is the care sector. health.

Flight information for 2 previous patients

Friday’s press release also gave theft information for the previous two new cases, confirmed on Thursday.

According to the statement, the pair left Vancouver on August 23 for Toronto on Air Canada Flight 128, spent several hours at Pearson International Airport, then took Air Canada Flight 8358 to their destination. from Charlottetown the next day, August 24.

“The Chief Public Health Office has been in communication with the airline and, as a precaution, all passengers who have traveled on these flights should watch for symptoms. If passengers develop symptoms of COVID-19, they should call their primary care provider. or 811 to organize the tests. ”

One of the cases confirmed Thursday was a man in his twenties; the other was a man in his thirties.

None of the 47 cases confirmed on the island since March have required hospitalization; all have been linked to travel.

Government statistics show that 72% of the cases detected in Prince Edward Island involved male patients, and all but 12 were in people between the ages of 20 and 59.

No decision on alert application

Meanwhile, Morrison’s office said officials in Prince Edward Island have not made a decision on when the province may adopt the national mobile notification app to notify people. when they’ve been close to someone who then tested positive for COVID-19.

The app went live in Newfoundland and Labrador this week.

“The Chief Public Health Office will review the app’s evaluation in Ontario before making a decision on whether to adopt it in Prince Edward Island,” the office said in an email to CBC News .

“CPHA will also continue to have conversations with Health Canada and is waiting to hear how the app works in Ontario. “

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