New Amazon Products Include Ring Traffic Stop, Netflix Activated Echo Show, Fire TV Upgrade – Deadline


Amazon unveiled a host of new products and features on Thursday, including a new Echo Show model with Netflix and a swivel screen, a Ring car camera capable of recording police encounters, and ruggedized Fire TV devices.During a 45-minute recorded video presentation, Amazon executives showcased an array of innovations in the Echo, Alexa, Fire TV, Luna, Smart Home and Ring product lines.

Fire TV launched new smart TV sticks with 50% more processing power than the previous generation and costing just $ 30 or $ 40 apiece. Fire TV’s redesigned user interface has its main menu in the center of the screen, which Amazon says makes it easier to access streaming services, and Fire TV user profiles for up to six members of a household. .

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The Echo Show 10 comes with built-in Netflix and also a motion-sensitive robotic motor that allows the screen to rotate to face you. The use case shown during the video presentation was of a person moving through a kitchen preparing a meal as the screen rotated to face them. Priced at $ 250, the show also offers Hulu + Live TV, Amazon Prime Video (natch), and apps like Skype and Zoom.

Ring, which was acquired by Amazon for $ 1 billion in 2018 after popularizing doorbell video camera systems, adds a version with a drone camera. Amazon describes it as “a small, self-contained indoor camera that will automatically fly to predetermined areas of the house, giving you multiple points of view with just one camera.” “


Vehicles are another new frontier for Ring. In a sequence of the presentation that was both disturbing and intriguing, the $ 200 Ring Car Cam and its feature called Traffic Stop were shown. “If you’re stopped while driving, just say, ‘Alexa, I’m being pulled over,’ and your Ring Car Cam will automatically start recording,” a blog post explains. “The images of the shutdown will be stored securely and you can automatically notify a loved one of a shutdown notification.”

Even casual consumers of recent news, especially road stops captured by dash or body mounted cameras that have resulted in fatal driver outcomes, will understand the potential of this feature. The Federal Communications Commission, Amazon noted, has not yet authorized the sale of the devices.

Speaking of Alexa, the voice system that has undergone extensive review based on surveillance and hacking reports, has added a set of privacy features. Users can use the commands “Alexa, review my privacy settings” or even “Alexa, delete everything I said”.


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