Netflix’s New Over the Moon Trailer Turns Moon Goddess Into Pop Star


Netflix’s Latest Animated Feature – Above the moon – is a fantastic trip to space. The first trailer felt very grounded in reality, exploring the heartbreak the title character was feeling, but the most recent promised wacky space drifts and brightly colored sidekicks.

Above the moon follows a young girl named Fei Fei who faces the loss of her mother. Determined to prove that the legend of the Moon Goddess is real, Fei Fei builds a rocket to get to the moon. When she lands, she finds a whole wacky world full of alien creatures and a moon goddess who is less ethereal and more alien pop star.

The film is also the theatrical debut for Disney host Glen Keane. Previously, Keane directed Kobe Bryant’s short film Dear Basketball, which won the Oscar for best animated short. Above the moon is a partnership between Netflix and Pearl Studios, which worked with DreamWorks last year on Abominable.

Above the moon launches on Netflix on October 23.


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