Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says employees will return to their offices when the majority are vaccinated


Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says he doesn’t expect his company’s employees to return to the office until the “majority” are vaccinated – a changing deadline that will likely see staff working from home. him until 2021 given the current vaccine development timelines.

Netflix is ​​one of many Silicon Valley companies currently trying to balance the desire to protect their employees while maintaining the kind of in-person interactions that can define a company’s culture. In an interview with The Wall Street JournalHastings has made it clear that he believes working from home is detrimental to his business and that he will push for a return to the office as soon as possible. This is what he said to WSJ:

WSJ: Have you seen the benefits of people working from home?

Mr. Hastings: No. I don’t see any positive elements. Not being able to meet in person, especially internationally, is a pure drawback. I was very impressed with the sacrifices of the people.

WSJ: It is predicted that many companies will take a work-from-home approach for many employees, even after the Covid-19 crisis. What do you think?

Mr. Hastings: If I had to guess, the five-day workweek will become four days at the office, while one day will be virtual at home. I bet that’s where a lot of businesses end up.

WSJ: Do you have a date in mind for your staff to return to the office?

Mr. Hastings: Twelve hours after a vaccine is approved.

WSJ: I like it.

Mr. Hastings: It is probably six months after a vaccine. Once we can get the majority of people vaccinated, it’s probably back to the office.

Although Hastings seems more anti-remote working than some other Silicon Valley executives, the time frame he suggests for a return to the office doesn’t differ too much from other companies.

Facebook said it would let employees work remotely until July 2021 and canceled physical events until June of this year. Amazon and Microsoft have both said they don’t plan to return to the office until at least January of next year, while Google has announced plans to keep employees working from home until at least July 2021.

In all of these cases, however, it is expected that there will be some flexibility. The danger posed by the pandemic will continue to rise and fall in different places, and workers around the world are expected to modify their deadlines as necessary.

In the case of Netflix, it looks like Hastings wants to end remote working as quickly as possible. This is no surprise given his focus on corporate culture, which the CEO of Netflix is ​​currently promoting in his book on the subject, No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention.

According to an article by Variety, the book describes a range of business habits unique to Netflix, some of which seem unmistakably fierce. These include “drastic transparency and feedback loops, the absence of formal leave or vacation policies and the infamous Keeper test – in which managers are encouraged to fire employees who are not” stars. “.”


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