Neon Drops Uncut Trailer For Brandon Cronenberg’s Body Swap Thriller – Deadline


At Brandon Cronenberg Possessor, the hitman movie takes a trippy turn out of the body.The uncut trailer for Cronenberg’s latest title sees Andrea Riseborough as Tasya Vos, the top performer in a secret assassination agency. Unlike other organizations that rely solely on the strength and combat skills of its recruits, Tasya’s original organizations perform missions in unconventional ways.

Riseborough Tasya, clinging to an intricate helmet, doesn’t do the murder herself, but rather possesses the minds of others to do whatever she wants.

“Our next contract is a big contract. The target is the CEO of the largest operation in the United States, ”Girder, head of agency Jennifer Jason Leigh, told Tasya. “You will be linked to Colin Tate. We can’t afford any mistakes on this one.

But when Tasya’s possession of Colin Tate’s (Christopher Abbott) body puts the mission in jeopardy, the two spirits fight for total control. The uncut trailer features the characters of Abbott and Riseborough face to face and threatening each other’s family to show who really holds the power.

“Sometimes that little thought is enough to lose control,” Abbott and Riseborough say simultaneously.

Complete the Possessor the actors are Sean Bean, Tuppence Middleton, Gage Graham-Arbuthnot and Rossif Sutherland. Niv Fichman, Fraser Ash, Kevin Krikst and Andy Starke produce.

Possessor is scheduled to hit theaters on October 9.


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