NeNe Leakes calls Andy Cohen “racist” on Twitter


NeNe Leakes.
Crédit photo: Gary Gershoff / Getty Images

NeNe Leakes enjoys her free time under Bravo. The actress and reality TV star was quick to react to a mess she saw on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen on Twitter, calling Andy Cohen ” racist“And accusing Williams of being”on cocaine ” more than one time. On Sunday, NeNe’s longtime nemesis Wendy Williams gave him two hundred about Leakes’ recent departure The Real Housewives of Atlanta and, of course, everything was shaded. “Nene has left the show several times, and you’ll get her back,” she told Cohen. “Nene loves attention, dramatic attention. She added that her “friend” would probably lose money without Real housewives, although she gets a spin-off with her husband, Gregg Leakes. “I don’t know what NeNe is going to do for the money,” Wendy continued. “I am not trying to count the pieces, but the Housewives is that something all girls use to promote their other stuff. Is it gonna be like, Gregg and NeNe in another reality show? It’s boring. NeNe is a grandmother? It’s boring. NeNe and her own children? It’s boring. NeNe trying to understand Hollywood? It’s boring. “

Leakes responded quickly and skipped formalities in his tweets. “Both are f their grades are WEAK!” Bye QUEENS »she wrote, continuing in another tweet, “I ALWAYS believed in multiple streams of income, so leaks are good, ole cocaine and ole racist. No one knew you before YOU knew me. But after saying Williams was “on cocaine” once again, Leakes really turned his (and his fans’) attention to Andy Cohen. “They went to leave my name off these shows,” she tweeted. “Send me your best information on discrimination lawyers at [email protected] HIS WAR. “

Out of the OG Housewives, socialites who have RH series for at least five consecutive seasons, Leakes claims in a tweet that she, the only black OG, was getting “minus and minus” episodes per season, while her “white counterparts were high and getting full season episodes EVERY season.” She included a graphic in the tweet showing that Kyle Richards of Beverly Hills, Ramona Singer of New York and Teresa Giudice of New Jersey got “every episode” while Leakes got a “6 episode offer”. It is not known which season the graph refers to. Earlier this year, fans speculated that Leakes had been deleted from Season 12 episodes, but the rumors were shut down by Cohen on Watch what is happening live and, soon after, Leakes herself. “I wasn’t cut from any episode! ” she tweeted. “I negotiated my episodes like everyone else! I get every penny I asked for! Thanks for asking this question and clarifying this @andy. ”

Leakes, who left first RHOA after season seven and back in season 10, announced that she was leaving for the second time in a YouTube video posted on September 17. Whether she returns or not, Leakes’ legacy is forever cemented in reaction GIFs and no amount of Wendy Williams shadow can endure that far.


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