Neil Buchanan of Art Attack is forced to deny he’s Banksy after being “inundated” with questions | Ents & Arts News


Remember Neil Buchanan, Art Attack, and Finders Keepers’ fame in the 1990s, but no less brilliant?

Well, if you’re wondering what he’s been up to lately, we’ve got some disappointing news.

Neil Buchanan is not Banksy.

Banksy produced several works throughout the lockdown

The artist and presenter released a statement about the anonymous graffiti artist after apparently receiving a slew of messages over the weekend.

It comes after a conspiracy theory identifying him as the secret street painter went viral on social media.

Headlined “Neil Buchanan is NOT Banksy,” the statement on the homepage of his website said, “We were inundated with inquiries over the weekend regarding the current history of social media.

“Unfortunately, this website does not have the infrastructure to respond to all of these requests individually, but we can confirm that there is no truth to the rumor.

“Neil has passed the lockdown with vulnerable members of his family and is now preparing to launch his new art collection in 2021.

“Thank you and please stay safe. ”

The news garnered a lot of attention, with even John Bradley – aka Samwell Tarly from Game Of Thrones – commenting.

“Neil Buchanan could do Banksy but Banksy couldn’t do Art Attack,” said another Buchanan fan.

The rumor apparently started with a tweet posted on Friday, which read: “I just found out that Neil Buchanan is rumored to be Banksy.

“If that’s true, that’s the funniest shit ever. The best of Aintree. He is a musician and art has followed shows in the cities that he would have done. It’s all right in the believe without question category. ”

Buchanan is indeed a musician, and played in a heavy metal band called Marseille in the 1970s. In fact, according to his website, he chose metal over art when he was younger and toured with the group for several years.

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And in 2010, Marseille was reformed by releasing the album Unfinished Business.

Today an artist and photographer, Buchanan is clearly a man of many talents.

But it’s not Banksy. Certainly not Banksy.

Although that’s what he would have say, don’t you?


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