Naomi Osaka asked about her Black Lives Matter masks after winning US Open


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Protect Naomi Osaka at all costs.

On Saturday tennis player Naomi Osaka won the US Open against Victoria Azarenka and claimed her third Grand Slam title.

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After her victory, Naomi was asked about her decision to wear the masks, and her response was so powerful.

“What was the message you received was rather the question. I feel like the goal is to get people talking. Naomi Osaka explained why she wore seven masks to honor black victims of racial injustice.

22:41 – 12 sept.2020

“You said from the start that you had seven games, seven masks, [and] seven names. What was the message you wanted to send? ESPN reporter Tom Rinaldi asked.

“Well, what is the message you got? [That] was rather the question, ”Naomi replied.

“I feel like the goal is to get people talking,” she continued.

When asked what made her “most satisfied” for the awareness she had sparked, Naomi said that she had been inside “the bubble” during games, so she ” wasn’t really sure what was really going on in the outside world ”.

“All I can say is what’s going on on social media, and to me, I feel like the more retweets … it’s so bad, but you know, the more people are talking about it, ”she added.

People on social media were quick to applaud the 22-year-old champion for her poignant response, including The Black List founder Franklin Leonard, writing: “I couldn’t be a bigger fan. “

Others thanked her for “pushing the question aside”:

Asked about her masks, @naomiosaka, she replied: “What message did you receive?” This. This. This. Thanks for pushing off the Naomi question. Thank you for everything.

22:28 – 12 sept.2020

Some would have liked the journalist to have taken the opportunity to share what he had removed from the masks instead:

“What is the message you received? – Two-time #USOpen champion Naomi Osaka to Tom Rinaldi on her question asking what message she was sending with masks with the names of black police victims. (wish Rinaldi answered him)

22:27 – 12 Sep 2020

This person said that what was “so good” about his answer is “it immediately makes you think and ask yourself this question”:

Plus, what was so good about “well, what was the message you got?” The answer is, it immediately makes you think and ask yourself this question. The fact that it was so spontaneous !! She is so smart! Like the!

11:24 – 13 sept.2020

“Instant queen status,” another user wrote.

Tom Rinaldi: “You said from the start that you had 7 matches, 7 masks, 7 names. What was the message you wanted to send, Naomi? “Naomi Osaka:” Well, what is the message you got? »#USOpen Instant Queen Status

22:24 – 12 sept.2020

Congratulations on being a champion on and off the field, Naomi.

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