“My rugby fun was probably not there in France … Leicester brought it back”


There is a feeling that, despite his relatively recent arrival, Nadolo already feels a part of Leicester’s furniture. This feeling is also reinforced by his willingness to jump into the cultural background – even if he has not yet tried a pork pie or a curry, two dishes that the region is synonymous with.“The places I’ve lived in, I’ve always wanted to be a part of what he’s known for,” he says. “In Montpellier, I lived by the beach and here, in the countryside, I have a place in an old rice farm; an old barn. It helps me get to know the area and once you do that it gives you an idea of ​​what this club means for the city.

“I actually don’t live too far from the pork pie house, so I’m ashamed to say I haven’t tasted it. But we have some free time to come, so I’ll try to sample some local produce – but not too much! ”

If it’s Nadolo’s environment, the ‘local thing’ as he puts it, that pushes him off the pitch, then driving on the pitch breathes from within.

“When I first signed, a lot of people doubted me, saying you were too old, you had a lot of injuries,” he says. “It was my driving motivation. I’m the kind of person where if you tell me ‘no’ I will prove you wrong. The big motivation is trying to prove to the fans that Leicester didn’t sign an old man, that they didn’t sign someone who is past their expiration date. This is what motivates me.

“I hope I can go on and prove people wrong.”

Out of Europe in the hands of Toulon and languishing in 11th place in the Premiership, Leicester, with his size and esteem, should do better. And although Nadolo is fully aware of this, he is convinced that they will soon be back on the right path. “There is a lot of potential here,” he adds. “There’s a great mix of young and old, with a lot of guys under 25. They are very young, they enter a very demanding environment within the Gallagher Premiership.

“We’re trying to build something here; it’s gonna be a big learning curve for these guys.

“We’re going in the right direction – that’s for sure.”


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