Morrisons UK News: Supermarket updates delivery service online as lockdown rules change


Since the start of the coronavirus lockdown, supermarkets have been adjusting their services. Morrisons has introduced a new delivery program to help some people who have been affected by new lockdown restrictions.

The home delivery service will allow students to choose from five different food boxes.Hungry students can choose from Meat Essentials, Vegetarian Essentials, Easy Weekly Meals, and the Big Night In Box.

The initiative will first be launched in the Birley and Cambridge rooms of Manchester Met University – where around 1,500 students have been asked to self-isolate – before being rolled out to other universities.

Morrisons CEO David Potts said: “The students have asked for our help and that’s why we’re making sure they can safely access affordable food at this very difficult time.


“We are fully playing our role in feeding the nation so that no one is left behind.”

Students can place their order by e-mail.[email protected] for next day delivery.

Subscription service

Morrisons first launched essential grocery boxes in March to help shoppers carry the items to their doorstep.

Since then, boxes have been launched for many occasions, including the gluten-free box, the Best Meat box and the Vegan Essential box.

The supermarket chain is also offering a 20% reduction on the first box.

“Customers use our food box service to get fresh food and essential storage items to their door quickly,” commented Aidan Buckley, Director of Food to Order for Morrisons.

“We’re making service simpler and even more cost-effective to ensure everyone can have access to affordable food during this difficult time.”

Buyers can have their favorite boxes delivered regularly through the subscription service.

Morrisons has regularly updated its shopping service throughout the coronavirus pandemic.


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