Monica’s Verzuz outfit is this year’s dress – Thanks to Solange


Brandy and Monica’s highly anticipated battle in Verzuz was a dose of nostalgia that so many people needed at a time like this. The two R&B divas have enjoyed more than two decades of success, opened up about their long-standing feud, and gave fans plenty of viral moments.

Monica performs in concert during V-103 Winterfest 2019 | Paras Griffin / Getty Images

What is Verzuz?

With the COVID-19 pandemic still keeping venues closed for the foreseeable future, many artists have had to adapt to the times and find new ways to connect with their fans and with each other. The concept of Verzuz is simple: two famous artists will live together on Instagram and perform 20 of their greatest hits in front of hundreds of thousands of fans.

Even though Verzuz is structured like a competition, everything is done with pleasure. In this age of physical separation, most artists are just happy to connect with others in the industry.

Verzuz started out with hip hop blockbuster Timbaland and Swizz Beatz, and has since grown into rap and R&B. There were a lot of highlights and iconic battles. Snoop Dogg and DMX faced off in a battle between West Coast rap and East Coast rap. Alicia Keys and John Legend faced off in a special June 17 battle earlier this summer. And Nelly vs Ludacris was a long awaited trip down memory lane.

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Brandy and Monica’s battle in Verzuz was a long time coming

The reason why Brandy and Monica’s battle at Verzuz was such a historic moment is the difficult relationship between the two singers dating back to the 1990s. Both were only young teenagers when they started their careers in the middle. from the 90s. It all came to a head when they released their single “The Boy is Mine”.

Brandy and Monica reportedly struggled to share the limelight after “The Boy is Mine” took over the world, selling millions of copies and becoming the two singers’ first No. 1 hit on the show. Billboard graphics.

Tensions boiled over the night of the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards when they performed the song together for what remains their only television performance of the hit. Monica admits to punching Brandy backstage at the show. They’ve since invented and released new music together, had another fight, and now seem to have made things right for good.

Was Monica wearing boots or pants?

While things may have been awkward between Brandy and Monica at times throughout the three-hour Verzuz session, it was clear that they were both happy to be together in the same room for the first time in almost a decade. But there was one thing onscreen fans couldn’t ignore: Was Monica wearing boots or pants?

Her beige leather stockings intrigued everyone, including many celebrities.

Solange and Tyler, the creator intervene

Among the celebrities watching were Solange and Tyler, the Creator, and they both had strong opinions about whether Monica was wearing boots or pants. Solange asked her Twitter followers to decide and they chose pants. “They pants, Tyler,” she commented on the Verzuz stream.

Tyler’s response was categorical. “NAH SOLANGE, THOUGHT THEY WERE TROUSERS, BUT MAN, I TALKED TO A FEW PEOPLE… THEY CAN BE DAWG BOOTS,” he said in response.

Unlike the famous “dress”, there was only one definitive answer: Monica was indeed wearing leather pants.


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