Mom’s photo of huge Christmas present for toddler called “ridiculous” – World News


A mom sparked a heated debate after showing off her big Christmas present for her toddler.Casey shared photos of the dozens of gifts she’s already bought for her daughter for Christmas this year.

Gifts include dolls, Play-Doh figures, Toy Story, and inflatable pool toys.

But that was not all, as the mother, from Gold Coast in Australia, added that she also has a bicycle, a trampoline, a Barbie Dream House and more for her daughter.

Posting the photos on the Christmas Mums Australia Facebook page, Casey said, “My Christmas stash for little miss two and I still have around $ 1,500 in laybys to collect!

“I love you my little princess.”

Some of the many gifts Casey has already bought for her baby girl

His post elicited a mixed response. Some have praised her organizational skills by already buying Christmas presents, but others have criticized her for “spoiling” her daughter, 7News reports.

“I love it,” said one of them. “I have a daughter and I am exactly the same.

“Eliminate the negative comments that will come in and just do it yourself. ”

Another added: “We’re exactly the same with our little miss four!”

“We already have so many items in our roof stash, not to mention an electric scooter, a frozen motorbike and a unicorn that you ride and walk.

“We also hired reindeer and snow for our front yard! they are only a small time!

But some were quick to criticize Casey.

“You are preparing her for disappointment. Believe me! »A comment read.

“It’s ridiculous for a two-year-old,” said another.

“Put that money in a bank account for a college fund, a car or a house. Something that will really help him. ”

Adding another: “I’ve said it before – it’s about getting caught up in buying.

“If you look closely at the photos, there is a duplication of gifts, especially dolls and dolls. Two light years of buzzing?


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