Mom kicked off flight because toddler didn’t want to wear a mask wants airlines to change policies


Davis, his mother and son were on the final leg of a business trip to Florida on an American Airlines flight on September 17 after Hurricane Sally forced the cancellation of their original flights to the New Hampshire, Davis told CNN.

Despite his repeated efforts to have his son wear a face mask, Davis said he would not keep it on his face.

“It gets to the point where I cry so hard, I’m hysterical, I can’t even breathe deeply because my mask kept sucking into my mouth,” she says. “And then I tremble holding that piece of cloth over my son’s face so we can take off and they (the flight crew) were standing above me in the aisle saying they have to watch me.” repeatedly put the mask on him. “

As she made her way to her seat towards the back of the plane, Davis said, a flight attendant asked if she had a ticket for her son and said he too needed to wear a mask.Davis admits she was unaware of American Airlines’ policy of requiring her son to wear a face mask on board their planes. On previous flights, she said, crew members did not ask her son to wear one.

“To ensure the safety of our customers and our team, American Airlines requires that all persons 2 years of age and older wear an appropriate face mask throughout their journey,” American Airlines said in a statement.

“Policies are enforced and approved facial protections are made available at key points in the customer journey. We reached out to the family to learn more about their recent travel experience and to address their concerns.

Davis said she tried working with her son, showing him a few different masks and trying to keep it on her face, but he didn’t.

At one point, Davis said, a man sitting next to her even tried to encourage her son to wear a mask but was unlucky.

“I wanted to come home so badly, I was exhausted,” Davis said. “My mom and I didn’t get much sleep and we just needed to get home, and they tell me if you don’t make it obey, we’ll get you off the plane.

Eventually everyone was invited to disembark. Davis said she, his mother and son were not allowed to recover, and neither was the man who tried to help his son wear a mask. Davis said they were found not to comply with the airline’s face mask policy.

According to Davis, a video circulated on social media showing the heated exchange between her and an American Airlines gate official discussing the mask policy and being told the airline would book them on a subsequent flight.

Davis, his mother and son were put on an American Airlines flight later that day. Davis said the flight crew did not ask his son to wear a face mask during this trip.

Different advice on masks for young passengers

In August, the World Health Organization and UNICEF said children 5 and under should not be forced to wear masks during the coronavirus pandemic.

The WHO and UNICEF guidelines contradict current guidelines from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which suggest that children 2 years and older should wear a mask.

Delta has banned nearly 250 passengers for refusing to wear masks

American Airlines and other major airlines have created policies in accordance with CDC guidelines.

On September 13, Southwest Airlines removed a mother and 2-year-old son from their flight to Chicago because her son ate cubs with his face mask under his chin as the flight pushed back from the boarding gate and began rolling. In August, the same airline pulled a passenger in Texas and his 3-year-old son from a flight after the boy, with autism, refused to wear a face mask and got angry.

Canadian airline WestJet canceled a flight on September 8 just before take off, saying a family refused to comply with “multiple requests” to have their 19-month-old child wear a face mask. Canadian Department of Transportation policy does not require children under the age of 2 to wear one.


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