MLB playoff push: Blue Jays can still catch up with Yankees after securing their spot


With their 4-1 victory over the New York Yankees on Thursday night, the Toronto Blue Jays have officially booked their ticket to the playoffs.

It’s been four years since the Blue Jays last played postseason baseball, and the club heading into this postseason is completely different from the one that has captured Canada’s full attention en route to the 2016 American League Championship Series.

Currently sitting in the eighth seed with that second wildcard in hand, the young team can still climb the post-season ranks before the standings are completely locked, thanks to their 3-1 series victory over Les Yankees. the week. Toronto can catch up to New York in the standings and step into that fifth seed with a solid performance against the Baltimore Orioles to close out the season, but only if the Yankees stumble and suffer a few losses as well.

So while a Rays-Jays first-round clash is the most likely game, it is not yet set in stone.

Here’s a look at their position in the MLB playoff picture …

If the playoffs started today

The top two teams from each division will advance to the playoffs with the top two remaining teams from each league for a total of 16 playoff teams. These 16 teams will then face off in the best eight of the three series leading up to the League Division series.

If the post-season started today, these eight American League teams would qualify:

# 1 Tampa Bay Rays vs. 8 Toronto Blue Jays
N ° 2 Twins du Minnesota vs N ° 7 Indians de Cleveland
N ° 3 Oakland Athletics vs N ° 6 Houston Astros
No. 4 Chicago White Sox vs No. 5 New York Yankees

And these eight National League teams would qualify:

No.1 Los Angeles Dodgers vs. No.8 San Francisco Giants
Braves d’Atlanta n ° 2 vs Reds de Cincinnati n ° 7
No.3 Chicago Cubs vs. No.6 Miami Marlins
No 4 San Diego Padres contre No 5 St Louis Cardinals

How Ranking Works in 2020: According to MLB, the top three seeds in each league are awarded to the three division winners in ranking order. The next three seeds go to the three teams that finish second in their division, in order of record. The last two seeds will go to the two teams with the next best records, regardless of the division.

Within striking distance

After being more or less locked up over the past few weeks, the AHL playoff image only has one final place to win – however, to call it “up for grabs” is to be generous. The Houston Astros, who currently sit in the sixth seed, can lock in their place with just one win in their last three games, dashing hopes for the Los Angeles Angels – who, at 26-31, are the only club of the remaining LA that has not yet been officially removed from the restraint.

Otherwise, the only change coming to the AL is in the form of playoff-linked teams looking to position themselves among those top eight seeds. The Blue Jays will likely meet the Tampa Bay Rays in the first round, but that could still change. As noted above, the Jays can still catch up with the Yankees and take second place to the AL East with wins over Baltimore and New York losing to the Marlins. The Rays won the division earlier this week, but are yet to be locked in that No.1 seed as the 35-22 Twins can still catch them. If the Twins can move up to No. 1 and the Jays stay in No. 8, that sets us up for a Minnesota-Toronto first-round clash.

Meanwhile, in the National League, the field is still wide open. While the Dodgers and Braves have clinched their respective divisions and the Cubs and Padres are guaranteed postseason spots, there are still four spots to be taken.

The Philadelphia Phillies (28-29) and Milwaukee Brewers (27-29) play for their postseason lives this weekend, as neither of the Cardinals, Marlins, Reds and Giants can afford to lose in the last straight line.

Prepare for the drama, especially in NL Central: The Cardinals and Brewers end the season head-to-head, a series that feels like it’s already in the playoffs.

Playoff Odds Report

With the Blue Jays finally reaching 100% with their postseason spot secured, we’ll move that part of the MLB playoff push to where the drama is by looking at the National League odds for all the teams still in the game. hunt.

Objectively speaking, here’s where the Cardinals, Marlins, Reds, Giants, Phillies, and Brewers stack up against their closest opponents, according to FanGraphs and FiveThirtyEight:

Cardinals’ FanGraphs odds: 87.4% | Cardinals FiveThirtyEight odds: 90%

Marlins FanGraphs Quotes: 90.7% | Marlins’ FiveThirtyEight rating: 93%

Cotes des Reds ‘FanGraphs: 88.1% | Cotes FiveThirtyEight des Reds: 91%

Giants’ FanGraphs odds: 47.1% | Giants’ FiveThirtyEight odds: 44%

Phillies FanGraphs odds: 50.5% | Phillies FiveThirtyEight odds: 54%

Brewers’ FanGraphs Quotes: 33.9% | Brewers’ FiveThirtyEight Quotes: 26%


The Blue Jays will send Taijuan Walker to the mound on Friday while the Orioles counter with Jorge Lopez in their attempt to play spoiler in Toronto’s mission to move up the standings.


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