Mistakes and bad throws add to big loss for Jays


Blue Jays 6 Yankees 20

The line is that it only counts as one loss.

The game split into two games.

Second inning, 1 out, 1 touch, a very easy right field ball and he went in and out of Derek Fisher’s glove. Just a totally unforgivable mistake. The next hitter lined up a deep right, not an easy play but a play that should be done and Fisher failed.

Those played did and Taijuan Walker is out of the inning with low pitching counts and the Jays are up 1-0. Instead, he’s tied, with the runners in second and third.

Walker got a takedown and it all fell apart. A wild throw and two singles were followed by back-to-back homers. We’re suddenly down 7-1 and Walker is offside.

Shun Yamaguchi got the last of the round. Then he had his own problems in the third. 3 steps to load the bases. Back-to-back hitters to bring home 2. And a brace to add 3 more to make 12-1. After that he got 3 quick outs.

Shun came out to start the fourth, but gave up on a brace and walked and that was it.

Anthony Kay was the next to be cast to the lions. He got one putout after takeout, but then gave up a 3-run homerun. Another strikethrough, then double, RBI singles and two walks before he got out of the round. Kay had a better fifth run.

Ken Giles came in for the sixth. He dropped out of a solo circuit. He also got a takedown, but was hit pretty hard.

Ryan Borucki abandoned another homer in the seventh.

Santiago Espinal gave up a home run to start the eighth, but it was all the score. I enjoyed watching him throw the blowout against the Mets, but twice in four days dampens the fun.

In attack we had 11 hits. Vladimir Guerrero and Lourdes Gurriel had 6, including one circuit each. Vlad also had a brace.

Bo Bichette (2), Joe Panik, Alejandro Kirk and Jonathan Davis had the other successes.

The Jays announced a trade during the game. RHP Justin Miller was sent to the Cincinnati Reds in exchange for an international cap. It makes me think that the Jays have a plan to sign someone up for a little more than what is given to them.

I expect Shun and / or Kay to have the option before tomorrow’s game to bring in a pitcher or two who have fresh arms.

Jay of the day: Vlad (.105 for the 3 for 5).

Suckage: Fisher for the mistake and the missed game. Walker had the number, -.436, but if Fisher had made the easy catches, the whole game would have been different. Fisher was very slow to hit the balls in his direction for the remainder of the game.

We had 638 surprising comments. DangYouToHeck led us to a crushing defeat.


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