Missing Prince Edward Island teens identified as Alex Hutchinson and Ethan Reilly


Two 17-year-olds who are still missing after their dory capsized off Northport, Prince Edward Island, have been identified as Alex Hutchinson and Ethan Reilly.CBC has confirmed their identity with the families of the teens.

On Wednesday evening, three teenagers took a boat out near the community of West Prince. When their dory turned over, only one came ashore.

With the first clear Friday, fishermen in Northport, Prince Edward Island, were preparing to return to the water to continue the search for the two missing teenagers.

A search involving nearly 100 local boats as well as search and rescue aircraft was underway within the hour and continued until Thursday.

Late Thursday evening, the military called off the search and turned responsibility over to the RCMP.

Considering the time that has passed since the capsized boat, the weather conditions and what the teenagers were wearing when they went into the water, the search is now considered a salvage operation.

An RCMP dive team arrived in Northport before dawn Friday. (Brian Higgins / CBC)

Despite this, there was still a lot of traffic entering Northport at dawn – people from the community eager to help. The Northport Community Center offered breakfast.

An RCMP dive team arrived from the mainland before dawn. Ground search and rescue will continue to survey the shoreline south of Northport.

On Friday morning, the RCMP arrived on the water early. (Brian Higgins / CBC)

Bereavement counselors were available at Westisle High School, where the boys attended school, on Thursday. Many students, however, were on the shore to help with the research.

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