Missed Fists: Boxer transforms opponent into statue with devastating punch, plus


Welcome to the latest edition of Missed Fists where we shine a light on fights from around the world that may have been overlooked in these hectic times where it seems like there’s an MMA show every other day.

We have some catching up to do, don’t we? There’s a cornucopia of music videos this week and plenty of MMA to consume, but first we’ll start with a boxing highlight that will take you back to the magical and idyllic time of 2016 …

Melvin Lopez vs. Yeison Vargas

Do you remember the Mannequin Challenge? One of those wacky memes that were really clever the first time you saw it and more and more sickening with each new version that came out? Well, it’s not back in full force, but Melvin Lopez turned Yeison Vargas into a statue during an M&R Boxing Promotions show in Miami on Thursday.

This man is frozen until he touches the canvas. The only thing that would have made this finish crazier was if Vargas got back to his feet upside down like a scene from Principe.

Taio Asahisa contre Hiroki
Hideaki Yamazaki contre Rukiya Anpo
Hiromi Wajima vs. Raseasing Weerasakreck

Not to be outdone, the 2020 K-1 World GP in Osaka, Japan featured a handful of knockouts last Tuesday that not only compete for the best of the week, but possibly the best of the week. year.

In the Best Head Kick category, here is Taio Asahisa who just smoked an already bloody and beaten Hiroki.

Should have attached an NSFW warning to this one.

In a 65kg title fight, Hideaki Yamazki would not be denied the knockout he so desperately dreamed of and he stalked Rukiya Anpo until he could detonate his chin with a bomb with his left hand.

Finally, Hiromi Wajima’s low kick knockout from Raseasing Weerasakreck might not compare to the previous two, but I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen someone seemingly stunned by a thigh kick ( ?).

All readers with a PhD in Human Anatomy, feel free to explain it to us.

Petsukhumvit vs. Pakkalek

At the Rajadamnern Stadium (free replay available on YouTube) in Thailand on Thursday, Petsukhumvit created a more traditional leg kick finish when he slapped Pakkalek’s leg out of his leg.

As the old saying goes: if at first you don’t succeed, start over.

Returning to MMA, UFC vet Felipe Silva encountered a buzzsaw at Brave CF 41 last Thursday, walking straight into a punch from Sam Patterson.

Great job from the ref who immediately recognized that Silva had no idea where he was and jumped in there to get Patterson away from him. It was tough for Silva, who was knocked out in just 44 seconds on his previous outing.

Aaron Khalid vs. Mick Stanton
Jake Hadley against. Shajidul Haque

Cage Warriors, which has three back-to-back events, starting with Cage Warriors 114 yesterday (available on UFC Fight Pass), gets back to the heart of the matter with its first post-outbreak shows.

Welshman Aaron Khalid stole the show, giving his opponent Mike Stanton zero time to get started.

The official time for this finish is 0:28 of the first lap, which means it only took a few seconds for Khalid to grab onto Stanton, get into position for the anaconda choke, and tighten him to the point that Stanton didn’t know how many problems he was there until it was too late.

As impressive as it was, Jake Hadley came in second for Cage Warriors 114’s best finish. “White Kong” improved to 6-0 with a kick over Shajidul Haque who appears to have been partially blocked, but not enough to prevent Haque from collapsing.

Hadley improved to 6-0 and he is only 24 years old. Looks like he is next to fight for the flyweight title against Luke Shanks, who won it by Samir Faiddine later in the evening.

By the way, here’s Shanks fully embracing Pandemic-chic.

Zulkarnaiyn Kamchybekov contre Mike Anderson
Kelly Clayton vs. Hailey Cowan
Josh Quinlan vs. Pete Keepers

While you launch Fight Pass, why not check out the latest news from Cage Fury FC and Legacy Fighting Alliance, two promotions that have recently resumed operations. At Cage Fury FC 85 last Friday in Tunica, Mississippi, we saw Zulkarnaiyn Kamchybekov show off some great hands and then terrible fighting IQ.

He couldn’t aim for anything other than the top of Mike Anderson’s head.

Fortunately for Kamtchybekov, the blow was deemed to be tied around the shoulder and neck, so it was not considered an illegal strike. It’s a little comfort for Anderson, who still finished in the third round.

At LFA 91 in Sioux Falls, SD two weeks ago we saw a pair of remarkable finishes that were to be recorded in the hallowed halls of Missed Fists.

Hailey Cowan walked into this show with a ton of hype behind her and rightly so. She seems destined for the UFC with a little more seasoning. Her clash with Kelly Clayton (just 1-2 before fighting Cowan) turned out to be way too spicy, as she fell prey to the hype curse that plagued Edmen Shahbazyan, Sean O’Malley and Maycee Barber this year. .

Shades of Tito-Ortiz Ryan Bader there. One way to make the most of an opportunity, Mrs. Clayton!

The best LFA 91 result, however, came courtesy of Josh Quinlan, who stole this week’s “Humpty Dumpty” award with that ending streak that saw Pete Keepers take out the robot (RIP Ryan Jimmo) .

Dmitriy Shestakov contre Saygid Abdulaev

MMA SERIES-14 took place in Kalingrad, Russia last Saturday, promoted by Fighting Championship Pankration. We’re talking about it because we couldn’t leave out our second knockout of the week, this one of Dmitriy Shestakov’s rotating variety.

Note the delayed reaction. Saygid Abdulaev’s brain was telling him: “We have this!” and then his body immediately responded, “Big no, mate. “

Daniel Zellhuber vs. Miguel Arizmendi
Francesco Patron Manzo vs. Benjamin Mendez Salmon
Pedro Pena c. Andres Farrera
Jose Armendariz vs. Jonathan Saavedra

Mexico has a long and proud history of producing outstanding boxers, but they apparently put their jiu-jitsu on the right track there too. As an example, here is Daniel Zellhuber from LUX 010 in Nuevo Leon who threw a nice calf slicer against Miguel Arizmendi last Friday.

Perhaps even better than that was Francesco Patron Manzo’s take on Benjamin Mendez Salmon.

Of course, the card was not without its thrills. Pedro Pena rushed Andres Farrera as a young Phil Baroni in what was a memorable professional start for both men (for different reasons), while Jose Armendariz let Jonathan Saavedra down with a knockout shot from the hip.

Imam Batsaev vs. Cyrille Manga

Speaking of newcomers, fan Cyrille Manga had a miserable time when he fought Imam Batsaev at Enfusion Cage Event Rookies in Alkmaar, the Netherlands last Friday.

It is not known if Manga was looking to grab the cage so as not to fall or if he was just completely stunned or if he thought he could actually rip the fence and escape. Either way, it ended in his downfall.

If you want to find out more yourself, you can check out the pay-per-view show on Facebook for the low and low price of 99 cents.

Nobumitsu Osawa contre Max The Body

Just for their names, you who know Nobumitsu Tyson vs. Max The Body (known as Mark Moleke at one point in his life, apparently) from Shooto 2020 Vol. 6 in Tokyo last Saturday made the Missed Fists Cup. It doesn’t hurt that the looping knockout of Mr. Tyson’s left hand is pretty sweet.

Osawa catches him just at the end of the punch. I guess The Chin of The Body wasn’t quite up to the mark.

The command

Kudos to former Missed Fists Ludovit Klein who makes his UFC debut this Saturday at UFC 253 on one week’s notice following two hellish kicks that turned out to be featured here in the previous editions.


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