Miro opens up about ‘Best Man’ Gimmick, hooking up with Tony Khan and AEW, Matt Hardy


AEW from last wednesday Dynamite saw Miro’s debut as he was revealed to be Kip Sabian’s best man for his marriage to Penelope Ford. Miro (WWE fka’s Rusev) was released from society in April during WWE cuts due to the COVID-19 pandemic.In the video above, Miro explained how he connected to AEW, first giving props to AEW President Tony Khan.

“I’m grateful to Tony Khan, we made contact – he’s such a great guy, he’s such a great owner,” Miro said. “He is very open to speak with creativity and ideas. He’s around everyone, he’s not hiding, none of that. His energy is great, he just wants the best, man, and that’s it. We all have the same agenda. We all want AEW to be successful. We promote ourselves, of course, but we all agree that AEW can do [great things]. I mean we’re already doing alright, destroying NXT and all that. ”

As Miro read the questions from fans, he confirmed that he would be on Talking is Jericho “When the time is right. He’s also referred to him as being the best man, which apparently won’t just be a short-term thing for his current history with Ford and Sabian, it will be used in the future.

“They needed a better man and I feel like this is a good place for me, but I’m not just ‘a witness man’, I am ‘the witness man'” Miro.

Miro was asked about meeting former WWE Superstars on his first night with AEW, and he did, noting that he said hello to everyone. He particularly woke up talking about Matt Hardy, calling him a “legend”.

“I saw Matt Hardy, I love this guy, man,” Miro said. “Matt is such a legend. Finally, I also have his phone number. So I can text him every now and then when I miss him. He’s such a cool guy, such a relaxed guy. ”

You can check out Miro’s full comments in the video above.

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