Miro makes his all-elite wrestling debut, is Kip Sabian’s best man


Photo de Marc Pfitzenreuter / Getty Images

During tonight’s episode of AEW Dynamite, Miro – also known as Rusev – made his debut in All Elite Wrestling, where he was billed as Kip Sabian’s best man.

After stepping down in the ring and teasing a handful of superstars, including Brian Pillman Jr., about who would be his witness, before officially introducing Miro to the crowd. Taking the mic, Miro then addressed the crowd, saying he was ready to make his mark. “10 years in the same house, under the same glass ceiling with the imaginary brass ring. Well, you can take that brass ring and push it up your ass, ”he says.

“My name is Miro and Elite recognizes Elite. Elite recognizes the best. Kip, I love you man and of course I’m gonna be your best man. You chose me not because I’m a better man, it’s because I’m the best man. You log into my Twitch and see that I am the best player… My name is Miro and I am All Elite. “

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