Mikel Landa turns to new Muc-Off oversized pulleys for Tour de France time trial


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Boucles Mikel Landa Muc-Off

Mikel Landa to use new oversized pulleys from Muc-Off at Tour de France (Image credit: Muc-Off)
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Boucles Mikel Landa Muc-Off

Aluminum pulley wheels have 13 and 19 teeth respectively (Image credit: Muc-Off)
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Boucles Mikel Landa Muc-Off

The cage is 3D printed from titanium for increased rigidity and reduced weight (Image credit: Muc-Off)

On board his Merida Time Warp time trial bike, Mikel Landa (Bahrain McLaren) leaves no stone unturned in the pursuit of speed, and Cycling understands that the Spaniard will turn to a brand new oversized jockey wheel system from Muc-Off.

In fact, Muc-Off’s work with Bahrain McLaren led to the creation of the ‘Landa Project’, in which both sides of the partnership would work to maximize the effectiveness of Landa’s time trial bike specifically for the time trial. -the stage 20 watch of the Tour de France.


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